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12-24 months Engineer Assistant position available at I2BC, Gif Sur Yvette (20 km from Paris- FRANCE)  I2BC CNRS 30 Nov 2023

Post-doctoral researcher in chemical proteomics (M/W) - 12 months  CY Cergy Paris Université 28 Oct 2023

PhD fellowship in High Resolution Mass Spectrometry applied to Cultural Heritage  CBMN / CNRS - University Bordeaux 25 Oct 2023

Post-doc position on palaeoproteomics  Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle 22 Aug 2023

un/une Chargé(e) de projet scientifique en spectrométrie de masse (CDD 3 ans, Maisons-Alfort 94)  Anses 17 Aug 2023

Post-doctoral position in Mass Spectrometry  Institut de l'Audition / Institut Pasteur 31 Jul 2023

Junior Research Engineer in Proteomics and Imaging mass spectrometry  PROTIM 27 Jul 2023

Postdoctoral position in proteomics. Probing protein expression in normal and pathological hearing  PROTIM Core Facility - BIOSIT 26 Jul 2023

Senior Investigator, team leader in proteomics at the Center of Research in Cancerology Marseille  Marseille Cancer Research Centre (CRCM) 25 Jul 2023

Pathogenic mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease  CNRS UMR 7051 INP 24 Jul 2023

PhD position in Structural MS on the Control of bacterial permeability to antibiotics  IPBS 21 Jul 2023

Post-doctoral position in proteomics and interactomics at ANSES (Brittany region, France) - 24 months  French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) 20 Jul 2023

Experienced technician/engineer in proteomics and mass spectrometry in biology (M/F)  Inoviem Scientific 21 Jun 2023

Engineer position in Proteomics - Plateforme P3S - Paris  Sorbonne Université - UMS PASS - Plateforme P3S 13 Feb 2023