CV for David Gomez-Zepeda (Ph.D.)

Posted 03 Jul 2019

Looking for

  • Post Doc
  • Staff Scientist

in Germany

Interested in jobs from industry and academia.

My research experience has provided me with strong foundations in Mass Spectrometry (MS) applied to global and targeted proteomics and metabolomics. Working at the LANGEBIO’s MS facility (in Mexico), I have had the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from diverse institutes and industries, providing them with the analytical and strategic solutions to study complex biological mechanisms. I have fulfilled diverse personal, collaboration and service research projects due to my determination, problem-solving skills and my capacity to work both in full autonomy and in collaboration.

My expertise covers:

  • Experiment design
  • Sample treatment
  • Instrumental analysis
  • Data processing and interpretation
  • Instrument maintenance and troubleshooting.

I'm looking for opportunities as postdoctoral fellow or Staff Scientist, either in Academia or private sector.