CV for Nazrul Islam (Ph.D.)

Posted 25 Aug 2021

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To whom it may concern

With a PhD degree in Cereal Protein Chemistry and more than eight years of experience in biology, microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry and proteomics, I have demonstrated experience in in performing field and laboratory experiments on genetical variations in grain protein content, collecting and recording data, conducting bioinformatic data compilations and analyzing them by bioinformatics tools include R-programming. I have also developed/improved protein and nucleic acid extraction and purification (DNA/RNA) procedures, performed protein sequencing by MS, and have had hands on experience of using a wide range of laboratory equipment including low and high-speed centrifuges, UV imager, thermocyclers, balance, electrophoresis equipment, real time PCR machine and autoclave. My profession as a proteomic scientist has provided me a great deal of experience with mass spectrometers, chromatographic techniques and other separation methods for protein analysis. I have sound experience of using TofSpec II MALDI TOF/MS (Micromass, Manchester, USA), Voyager Elite MALDI TOF/MS ( Applied Biosystems, Framingham, MA, USA), Q-TOF/MS-Ultima (Micromass, Manchester, USA) coupled with nano LC probe (ESI), Agilent 1100 Capillary LC coupled with electrospray Ion-trap mass spectrometry (Agilent XCT, Agilent Technology, USA). Indeed, I am aware of the principles and practices of recently developed MS such as Quadrupole-quadrupole Ion Trap, TOF-TOF and FTMS. I enjoy working with instrumental technique s and would like to take on any work related to analysis as a challenge for using my expertise. I strongly believe that my professional experience and educational background will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. In my current positions as ORISE Research Fellow, USDA, ARS, Beltsville, I have been dealing with protein and oil accumulation in genome altered soybean seeds during development. This research as provided me with a unique experience of analyzing biochemical characteristics of proteins in developing soybean. I characterized storage proteins, allergen and antinutritional protein during seed development. In this endeavor, I also developed several high throughput analytical methods of extraction for nucleic acids, protein and metabolites.
My specialized exercise also includes, QC of MS data by offline calibration, R-programming dio for data query, statistical analyses and graphical presentation. I have hands on experience of using publicly available packages for bioinformatics such as, PREVIEW, PMF/PFF, ProFound, Mascot, MS-Fit, Mowse, MSA, PeptideSearch, SEQUEST, Scaffolds, Proteome discovery 2.0, Skyline, G-test and t-test, data mining Data by macros, R-programming and SQL, Pathway analyses by iPATH2, KEGG, BIOCYC, AgriGO, STRING

Please find enclosed a copy of my resume including list of publications, name and contact addresses of my referees. I would appreciate the opportunity to share my skills and enthusiasm with you and other members of your department. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Nazrul (Naz) Islam