CV for Balaji Srinivasan (Ph.D.)

Posted 27 Aug 2021

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Interested in jobs from industry and academia.

I am strongly self-motivated to pursue my future career to understand in-depth cellular proteome homeostasis in both health and diseases, using my analytical and pharmacology knowledge. I believe that my research experience in the relevant field of proteomics and drug discovery, along with my skills in molecular biology, biochemical and data processing using R, will be a suitable asset. Especially in regards to proteomics-based research, I have conducted a biomarker discovery project and CSF proteome evaluation using microdialysis during my master's research at the University of Groningen, in collaboration with Solvay and Brains-OnLine. During PhD, I studied cellular metabolite homeostasis and protein acetylation, using various model systems. I have developed novel analytical methods to analyze small molecules using U/HPLC and with LC-MS/MS approaches. I have also successfully identified new therapeutic molecules to treat neurodegeneration. Further, I did my first postdoctoral research at the NNF Center for Protein Research and performed various deep proteome and acetylome experiments, including sample preparation and data analysis, to understand the role of acetyltransferases. I then moved to the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing for my second postdoctoral research to understand protein quality control and ageing. I also established high-throughput high-content drug screening pipeline combined with chemo-proteomics approach to identify novel longevity molecules. Overall, I acquired immense experience in analytical skills, especially in deep proteomics/protein PTMs, affinity-based enrichment profiling and in molecular biology techniques. I am also proficient in using MaxQuant/Perseus and bioinformatics, including R-based data analysis, visualization, scripting and automation. My research works also provided several authorship in high-impact publications in Cell, Nature Chemical Biology and EMBO Molecular Medicine journal, along with several patents. I will be happy to join the proteomics and cell-signaling group to share my research contributions towards understanding cellular proteome integrity. I am looking forward positively to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your support.