Postdoc Position in Computational Proteomics and Artificial Intelligence

Posted 02 Jun 2021

University of Southern Denmark

Denmark (Post Doc)

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Southern Denmark (Associate Professor Veit Schwämmle and Associate Professor Richard Röttger) invite applications for a postdoctoral fellowship within the field of computational proteomics to be filled as soon as possible, earliest by 1 July 2021, for a period of one year, extendible for another year. Application deadline: 16 June 2021.


The research project entails the implementation and optimization of deep learning models for enhanced identification of biomolecules like peptides, proteins and metabolites from data acquired in hundreds of public and in-house liquid-chromatography mass spectrometry experiments. The candidate will use high-end deep learning methods to fully utilize the information contained in the output from these LC-MS experiments, with the aim to vastly reduce both instrument time and expenses.

How to Apply

Via the webpage