Research Associate, Proteomics/Mass Spectrometry

Posted 18 Sep 2022


France (Staff Scientist)

We are seeking a skilled and accomplished scientist with a strong expertise in mass spectrometry (MS) and quantitative proteomics to join our proteomics group based at our site in Toulouse, France. The candidate will contribute to the development of fit-for-purpose MS-based proteomic analyses of biological samples to support pre-clinical or clinical target and biomarker discovery programs for our customers and partners. She/he should be a highly motivated, creative scientist with extensive expertise and strong track record of success MS-based proteomics. The candidate is expected to work effectively in a highly collaborative matrixed environment and interface with mass-spectrometrists, biologists and bioinformaticians within our teams in Toulouse. Experience with high-resolution mass spectrometers such as the Q-Exactive class (Thermo Fischer) or timsTof (Bruker) instruments is required. The candidate should also have extensive knowledge of analytical software for the processing and interpretation of quantitative mass spectrometry data, familiarity with programming languages and database software being a plus. The candidate will work closely with the group leader in charge of the proteomics team to expand current capabilities of sample processing, LC/MS operation, and data analysis. Preference will be given to candidates who have a proven track record to manage research projects and deliver on project goals.

Your key responsibilities include:

Plan and oversee MS measurements, quantitative MS data analysis and interpretation. Provide leadership for various operational tasks within the laboratory including use of Q Exactive class instruments. Develop and implement state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based analytical techniques to identify and characterize proteins, peptides, post-translational modifications of proteins and protein-ligand complexes. Contribute to the development of customized tools for mass spectrometric quantitative analyses tailored to the specific project needs Proactively evaluate new MS technologies, be versed with current literature, and implement new methods into the mass spectrometry assay/analytical pipeline as necessary. Communicate effectively with clients and internally through written and oral communication, presentations and written reports. Demonstrate excellent organization/multitasking, communication and analytical skills. Demonstrate strong problem-solving and project management capabilities. Closely collaborate with other teams within the proteomic group as well as with interdisciplinary project teams. Your ideal qualification:

Ph.D. (minimum of 2-5 yrs) in Life Sciences, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Science or related field is preferred. 3+ years of research experience in mass spectrometry-based proteomics technology in the private sector or academia. Solid hands-on expertise in quantitative mass spectrometry proteomics (SILAC, label-free, TMT) using data-dependent or data-independent acquisition methods and MS data analysis using dedicated software (i.e. MaxQuant, Spectronaut, DIANN, Skyline) as well as appropriate statistical methods. Proven track record to successfully manage research projects and deliver on project goals Ability to perform within a matrixed organization and in a fast-paced work environment. Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

High level of proficiency in a variety of quantitative proteomics techniques -TMT, SILAC, label-free quantification approaches and peptide fragmentation methods. Hands on experience with data-independent acquisition mass-spectrometry and with targeted proteomics (MRM or PRM) Experience with quantitative mass spectrometry analysis with Q Exactive class or timsTof instruments. Experience with Triple Quad MS instruments is a plus. Experience with automation applied to sample preparation and sample analysis is an advantage. Scientific rigor and excellent analytical capabilities. Ability to work with interdisciplinary teams. Successful track record in project management Excellent organizational and communication skills with ability to communicate with clients. Dynamic personality with passion for innovation and problem-solving and a willingness to apply core areas of knowledge to new areas of interest to Evotec and its clients. Fluent English, a commitment to master French language in a timely manner is expected

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