Junior Research Engineer in Proteomics and Imaging mass spectrometry

Posted 27 Jul 2023


France (Post Doc)


Project summary: Imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) is a blooming field in clinical research. It is now recognized as a powerful analytical technique for probing and analyzing the spatial arrangement of a wide range of molecules directly in thin slices of tissue. However numerous heavy technical challenges remain in this field, where IMS datasets could translate into new biological knowledge. One of the most recent developments in IMS, based on the tag-mass approach, allows the multiplexed targeted spatial localization of intact proteins (Yagnik et al., 2021 JASMS) and was translated into the development of spatial biology imaging reagents for MALDI immunohistochemistry by AmberGen and Bruker Daltonics.

The Research Engineer will be responsible for setting up on site the MALDI HiPLEX-IHC approach (Bruker Daltonics). Technological developments will be conducted on two specific projects in the field of cancers heterogeneity.

PROTIM is an ISO 9001 and NFX 50-900 certified core facility. The recruitee will indeed contribute to the implementation of procedures to meet with the quality standards requirements. The facility will be then in capacity to offer these much-awaited services in targeted protein imaging.

Your Tasks: The candidate will carry out the entire analytical process from sample preparation, sample processing, imaging mass spectrometry analysis, statistical analysis of the data to integration with multiomics datasets. He/she will interact and collaborate with other team members and with scientists involved in the project. He/she will prepare and deliver technical presentations at internal or external meetings and participate into publication writing.

Desired skills: This project lies at the interface between biochemistry, analytical chemistry and image analysis. We are looking for a highly motivated and qualified individual endowed with team spirit, holding, or shortly expecting to be awarded, a PhD degree. The candidate will have proven research skills in proteomics or imaging mass spectrometry attested by a track record of research achievement and publications in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals. The candidate must know how to work in full autonomy, have a strong collaborative attitude and strong work ethics.

Candidate: • Training in Cell Biology, Biochemistry and/or Analytical chemistry • Strong technical knowledge in proteomics and/or imaging mass spectrometry • Only applications from junior candidates (i.e., with < 2 years of postdoctoral experience) with the above-described profile will be considered.

Host laboratory: Recruitment will take place within the PROTIM Core Facility team located at BIOSIT (UAR 3480 CNRS - US18 Inserm). The recruitee will evolve in an optimal professional environment with its own space and research equipment. All imaging resources to conduct the project are available within the facility: tims TOF Flex (Bruker Daltonics), FTICR SolariX 7T Paracell combisource ESI/MALDI (Bruker Daltonics), M5 sprayer (HTX Imaging), Nanomate LESA-enabled (Advion), Sublimation chamber, Cryostat 3050S (Leica), Videomicroscope BX51 (Olympus).

Job details: • Duration: 2 years • Salary: according to experience and based on the salary scale of the University of Rennes (about 2200-2600 € net/month + other employer benefits) • Start date: as early as September 2023

How to Apply

Applicants should send their CV and motivation letter to charles.pineau@inserm.fr

charles.pineau@inserm.fr Tel : +33 (0)2 2323 5072