10 international PhD positions

Posted 30 Jan 2024

European MSCA Doctoral Network project PROHITS

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10 international PhD positions to develop prokaryote proteomics at high temperature for single cells

These positions are provided by PROHITS, a European MSCA Doctoral Network project. The interdisciplinary research aim of PROHITS is the integration of experimental and computational approaches that can resolve the proteome of prokaryotes at single cell level, and at a range of temperatures, in order to improve our understanding of thermophile biology and to guide the optimized design of cell factories. The project will involve the development of microfluidics, mass spectrometry (MS) and associated bioinformatics to handle single prokaryotic cells, as well as MS-based thermal proteome profiling (TPP) to study the thermal response of the proteome of thermophiles. These data will be used to understand the in vivo thermal stability of proteins, and create genome-scale models of thermophiles to optimize them as cell factories.

PROHITS is a collaborative project between eleven participant organisations from six countries, including both academia and biotech industry, that will offer a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary structured curriculum for doctoral students. 10 fellowships (for DCs, Doctoral Candidates) are available in the areas of microfluidics, mass spectrometry, synthetic biology, bioinformatics and genome modelling.

Positions are available in Belgium, France, Norway and Austria.

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