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TT Assistant/Associate Professor Mass Spectrometry for Analytical Biochemistry (221219H)  University of Groningen 03 Nov 2021

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Ph.D: Improvement of the number of proteins identified by LC-MSMS with an AMTtag method  University of Rouen Normandy 14 May 2022

PhD student position in Spatial Proteomics (f/m/d)  Medizinische Universittät Wien 13 Jan 2022

PhD student quantitiative mass spectrometry-based proteomics  University Medical Center Mainz 10 Jan 2022

PhD position in multi-modal imaging (H&E, CT, MALDI imaging) for digital pathology  University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany 29 Oct 2021

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Postdoctoral researcher or lab technician ZooMS  College de France 04 May 2022

Post-Doctoral Associate in Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics  Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard 18 Mar 2022

Post-Doctoral positions in translational proteomics and cancer proteogenomics  Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard 15 Mar 2022

PostDoc on Spatial Proteomics  University Medical Center Mainz 04 Feb 2022

PostDoc on Computational Proteomics  University Medical Center Mainz 04 Feb 2022

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Research Engineer in proteomics  Institut Pasteur 07 Apr 2022

Engineer (M / F) in protein purification and proteomics, 12 months, IPBS, Toulouse France  IPBS 13 Jan 2022

Proteomics Team Manager/Coordinator  EMBL EBI 19 Nov 2021

Application Specialist Sales Support Proteomics, EMEA  Thermo Fisher Scientific 26 Oct 2021

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Bioinformatician – proteomics  AstraZeneca 02 Mar 2022

(Bio-)Informatician, Statistician or Data Analyst/Machine Learning Engineer (m/f/d)  Medizinisches Proteom-Center (Ruhr-University Bochum) 29 Oct 2021

Bioinformatician (Proteomics)  Max Perutz Labs 05 Oct 2021

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Alexander Hogrebe  Looking for Staff Scientist, Bioinformatician Jobs 22 Mar 2022

Aline Maria Araujo Martins  Looking for Post Doc, Staff Scientist Jobs 31 Aug 2021

Balaji Srinivasan  Looking for Post Doc, Staff Scientist Jobs 27 Aug 2021

Nazrul Islam  Looking for Post Doc, Staff Scientist Jobs 25 Aug 2021

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