CV for Goran Vinterhalter (MSc)

Posted 10 Jul 2018

Looking for

  • Ph.D.

in Belgium

Only interested in jobs in academia.

Complete CV (PDF)

I am interested to find a Ph.D. in the area of Bioinformatics, Proteomics, (computational bio, omicses, etc..).

As an Informatician by training and bio-scientist by heart, my goal is to develop as a true interdisciplinary scientist. My career thus far has led me to create various pipelines and tools, as well as a web-based project management solution (for a visual effects company). Such experience is certain to be applicable in any propulsive laboratory. More importantly, my drive for natural sciences, specifically biology, is what pushed me towards bioinformatics, where I found my true calling, working on correlation between function and intrinsic disorder for my master’s thesis and some mass spec for fun.

About me:
A Ph.D. program for me is a chance to escape from the mundane gray picture of today's money-driven society. It would give me meaning by devoting time to explore and contribute to bright new ideas; ideas that shine with understanding and open possibilities yet to be explored.

Also, since the dawn of time, man has passed on knowledge in an auto-catalytic fashion, building on the knowledge of his predecessors. Over time, knowledge has propagated, evolved.... Knowledge is neither mine, nor yours, it belongs to all of us. Thus the greatest gift I could ever hope to return is to learn more, contribute and share this knowledge with others for new generations to build on.